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So a lot has been going on in my life and there's so much to talk about, so I will be discussing everything from most important to least important (but still important enough to talk about). This will also be a blog post on my Twitter account. There's a lotta things to cover, several things that I haven't even announced yet, so buckle up and enjoy the ride.


Good news is I have been safe during the pandemic. I've utilized the money given to pay off all of my college loans! Of course, getting that much money means I've been out of work, and am still looking for work. And the work I find is likely not to pay me very highly. On top of that, my family is aiming to shove me into an apartment as soon as they can due to my age, regardless of if I can be financially independent or not. If you wish to support me financially I have my Ko-Fi link here: https://ko-fi.com/pinclock I used to use Patreon, but haven't found much luck or real updates to post on it. I was thinking of getting back into it when developing my real original game, marketing is hard. But for now, I would greatly appreciate any support towards my Ko-Fi.

-Johou Battle

Johou Battle (for those not in the know, a crossover SHMUP between Touhou Project and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure) is also going well, I'm almost done the gameplay and am focusing on adding features and tweaks. That said there's a lot of features and tweaks I need to do. Main ones being a high score function, saving, and viewing, a replay function, and difficulty levels (which I said I wasn't originally going to do, but a student of mine of all people convinced me otherwise). Some of these I will need to hire external help, so I am once again pushing my Ko-Fi to get it out faster. I know my resolution said 2020 but I'm at the very least making great progress so first half of 2021 is pretty realistic unless I can't get the help I need or real life decides to kick my ass.

If you are interested in lending a hand, I am seeking

-Musicians (remixing primarily but original compositions is also a plus)

-Game Maker programmers to assist with code like a high score system and replay system.

Payment a promise but I would still aim to compensate anyone that is willing to lend a hand. If I can afford it, I will offer payment. Feel free to reach my account if you are interested!

Once this is done I will soon shift gears to my original game idea, which I cannot wait to be able to show off to you guys. Just want to make a small little taste so I can get a taste of game making.

-Agents of K Corporation (2021 Revision)

Oh look, the first new announcement. I just noticed that my senior thesis, Agents of K. Corporation was never uploaded to Newgrounds. This was originally because I was going to add more scenes in a Director's Cut fashion, but other projects and life got in the way of that. Since Agents of K Corporation is approaching its 5th anniversary, I wanted to revisit it and improve on the animation I had made back then. While I would love to add the other scenes if I had time, I am more interested for now in fixing the existing animation to create a better film and make it more worth posting on Newgrounds. I am aiming for this revised version of Agents of K Corp to be released in May 2021, 5 years after the original animation.

-Clock Day 2021

Clock Crew is turning 20, of course I gotta do something for this. It's going to be good, and I'm looking forward to making it. As for the scale of the project, it's going to be more of a 2018 or Rainy Day than a Strawberry Digital, but I know it's going to be loved and worthy of 20 years of celebrating the Clock Crew.

The rest below this line are of lower priority


Various illustrations

For my Newgrounds folk, you've likely noticed I've been uploading various artworks of mine there. I will continue to do so until every piece worth preserving is there. I of course plan on drawing other illustrations, when I find the time, but I will not be participating in Inktober this year in order to prioritize on the more important projects. Unless I find a job that gives me the time to do so while there, but I'm not gonna bet all my chips on it.

Smash video clips

I'm still posting these on my twitter lolol I have tons to go but they will be posted. Just noting they exist daily on my twitter is all.

Brawl Minus 4.3

-This is the section where I talk about Brawl Minus. Where is Brawl Minus? Well, I'm only one person and Brawl Minus takes a team. I have pushed more towards the start of the year, but most of the developers are either busy with other projects, inactive, or not a positive work environment to be around, so it's sad for me to find Brawl Minus in this priority, but here it is. I would still love for 4.3 to come out, it's just with other things on my plate taking a higher priority. If things ever do get more active in the back room this will take higher priority, but I feel like the only one there still wanting it, I'm just at a point in my life where I need to put other wants first.

-Clock Day 2026

....wait what? What happened to 2022-2025? Well, I'm not gonna worry about them until they're a year away, and they're going to be smaller projects. 2026 is the big boy, the huge Clock idea I've had since 2014, the grand finale of my major Clock Crew projects. If you thought Strawberry Digital was long you haven't seen anything yet. It's easily at least twice as long as that! That's why I'm giving it all the time in the world.

-Kirby Krew Storybooks

Only those who know me from way back even know what these are. Basically, I never finished the stories I started as a kid, and wish to finally give it the story and ending it deserves. I had previously done these as Flash files where I also read the stories and you can turn the pages, but due to the death of Flash Player, I have decided to start the stories over again and export them as .PNGs. I don't know where I will post them, but I do know I will not start posting them until I have revised all the stories I had done previously and am all caught up, which could take a long time.

-Tails Gets Trolled - The Animation

This one's really low on my list, isn't it? but I am still willing to help out this project with pages. Just not do all of the pages myself. It felt like the workflow was really really slow and only me and the TGT admin were carrying it, so I decided to focus on my other ambitions until more help arrives. I hope it succeeds but my other endeavors take higher priority.

That should be everything covered. As you can see I certainly have a lot on my table, and I'm gonna do my best to be the very best I can be! I look forward to showing everything off to everyone some day! I hope i can also share more updates that aren't walls of text with you some day!

Till then,

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