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I liked the part where I cameo'd in your movie!

I need a to get a Jitterbug now

Ushnor responds:

I'd be happy to place that call for you Mrs. KirbyKrew

You cannot kill Strawberry Clock

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Pretty alright Wario Land 4-like, but I gotta point out that 30 seconds feels like it's barely enough time to make it back and collect the Manifestos, and that there's no safety invulnerability after being hit, so one can get hit again the moment after they get hit. Also, dialogue overlaps each other in the HUB, and I couldn't find a way to play a previous level if I missed a Manifesto.

Still a fantastic concept I'd love to go through again with a bit more polish!

sikopath responds:

Thanks! Yeah I didn't have many play testers so maybe the time should of been like 40 or so seconds. How did you miss Manifestoes by the way? I was pretty sure that it wouldn't you procede unless you had all of them. Anyway, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Best Game Ever.

Thank you for finally putting this into Flash, I missed it alot!

Best Game ever!

The love and Charm of Duck.fla has been put into game forum, I'm so Happy! This beatslife by a landslide!!!

~Pin Clock

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You guys are all wrong!

The song's real title is "Gourmet Race", and it is from Kirby Superstar.

Great remix, though this sounds more like the normal Gourmet race then the Fountain of Dreams version of it!

MoebiusZero responds:

Mayby I should try to get my hands on the Kirby Superstar games xD
they seem to be the source for almost all kirby remixes :/

Mweh this is confusing me... 2 different names for the exact same song >.<
I think they even called the same upbeat theme Fountain of Dreams in the first Super Smash Bros. for the N64. Unless im wrong again xD

I would've put it in John and Joe 3!

Really, if I saw this while looking for music, I would've thrown this in the duel scene for 5x more epicness. Battle and Resolve still did a good job though. I'm still checking your songs for future episodes!

~Pin Clock.kirbykrew

Good Voice

Best Audio ever.

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